Health sectors forerunners

Finland leads in future health innovations and data. Finland’s digital health data is globally unique due to comprehensive registers since the 1960s and fully digitized biobank records.​

Turku has a long tradition of excellence in drug development and diagnostics. We are also pioneers in digital and data-driven health technologies.​

Our streamlined drug development services and collaborations with universities provide a fast R&D to production pathway.

Turku’s health cluster specializes in digital health, healthcare data, focusing on synthetic and imaging data, and hosts key organizations like FINBB and Euro-BioImaging. We also oversee HealthHub Finland, a hub for digital health solutions and Finnish health data access.

Health Campus Turku is a significant multidisciplinary knowledge cluster within medicine, social and health care, and technology which offers unique opportunities for research, innovation, and corporate collaboration.

The Health Campus Turku collaboration includes six partner organizations.

Manja Ahola
PhD MSc Head of Drug Carrier & Depot Systems Bayer AG

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