Outside the Box?
So do we.

Invest in the Turku Region – an ideal environment for game-changers and disruptors. Benefit from a ready-made infrastructure to plug and play into the secure and stable Nordic operating environment. Explore world-class research and development in several top fields for new talents, companies and investors.

We’ll help you to network with the ones who can bring an extra spark to your business. The Turku Region offers multidisciplinary and international expertise to support your growth. Through strategic collaboration with regional municipalities and universities, Turku creates an ideal environment for you to thrive.  

Now you’ve found Finland, and it’s time to establish yourself in Turku. Our superior logistical location in relation to the Scandinavian, Northern European and Chinese markets makes it easy to produce, operate, and deliver from the Turku Region. Explore from the map or Contact us to find the best plot, premises, or other presence in the region.

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The Turku Region is a fantastic place to invest, run a business, work, study and live. Find what you’re looking with business rebels with a soft spot for easy living!

It’s our business to help your business. We are here to help you, so give us a call or send a message!

Janne Mustonen, Invest In Director,
Business Turku Ltd.

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