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Maritime for greener future

The Turku region excels as a global market leader in several key areas including high-end cruise ships, offshore and arctic technologies, as well as smart autonomous ships. Manufacturing processes are guided by sustainable development principles, which, in turn, have given rise to new business opportunities.

Shipbuilding in Turku goes back to the 18th century. Nowadays, the industry employs over 8 000 people in over 400 companies, which makes the region the most significant hub of maritime production in Finland. Nearly a third of maritime industry companies in Finland is located in the Turku economic region.

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Tim Meyer
CEO, Meyer Turku

“Finland, including Turku, is an international location with numerous strengths in the maritime sector and technology industries.

Our universities and universities of applied sciences are committed to driving innovation in maritime and decarbonization. Turku is also a vibrant student city, making it an attractive place to live. Finland is known for its stability and efficiency, making it an easy and favourable place to live and do business.”

Hannu Mäntymaa
VP Voyage Services, Managing Director Wärtsilä Finland Oy

“Cutting-edge maritime tech can’t be done alone and it really needs partners – so they are welcome.

Our hope is that Turku region is becoming a maritime technology hub with other companies such as Sandvik and its autonomous mining vehicles. The commonality of the maritime domain is important but also with modern tech from other industries, the commonality of technology is still high. I can’t see any reasons why it shouldn’t happen here in Turku region.”

Juha Rokka
co-founder & CEO, Groke Technologies

Turku shipyard, Meyer Turku, is one of the world’s largest and most advanced manufacturers of large cruise ships and passenger ferries. The highly modern luxury cruisers built at the Turku shipyard are known across the world for their cutting-edge technology, exciting innovations and exquisite design.

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Tapio Karvonen,
Network Manager, Maritime Turku
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